Drupal Development For Administrative Office Of The Courts (AOC) – Georgia

Industry: Government

As staff of the Judicial Council of Georgia, the Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) provides subject-matter expertise on policy, court innovation, legislation, and court administration to the state’s trial and appellate courts. The AOC also furnishes a full range of information technology, budget, and financial services to the Judicial branch.


Administrative office

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Client’s Challenge

AOC manages the georgiacourts.gov website and more than a dozen associated organizational websites in the state of Georgia. Initially, each of these websites was built separately and it was difficult for our client to manage them all. There were also other UI and organizational challenges.

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How we solved
How We Solved Client’s Problems

After many comprehensive requirement gathering meetings with AOC’s team, we began with an extensive redesign of the georgiacourts.gov site. We also developed an architecture wherein this would be the main site and we built an ‘engine’ that would power the automatic creation of the ‘child’ sites.

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Impact on client
Impact On Client’s Business

The new Drupal sites have enabled the content creators and the moderators to add and manage content much faster than before. Additional features, like events and file sharing, have improved the day-to-day work of the employees. Creating the intranet and multisite for AOC has changed how they organize and implement their work.

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