Drupal 6 To 8 Fact Sheet

What You Need To Know About Migrating From Drupal 6 To 8

We give you compelling business reasons to migrate.

Drupal 8 was officially release on Thursday, November 19th 2015. It promises to be the best Drupal Core update yet! However, there are still thousands of websites on Drupal 6, which will soon no longer be supported by the Drupal Community. Here’s what you need to know.

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Modules and Themes are already available to make your transition easy and painless.







Why Migrate To Drupal 8?

We give you compelling business reasons to migrate.

There’s a lot to discover and utilize in Drupal 8. It’s going to change the CMS landscape. Discover what you need to know and actionable next steps.

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What You’ll Learn?

Your Migration Options

There are more options than moving directly to Drupal 8.


Why Migrate To Drupal 8

There are many great business reasons to migrate to Drupal 8.


Migration Budget Options

There will be a cost, regardless if you migrate to Drupal 8 or not.


And A Lot More

This fact sheet will help you with next steps for your Drupal site.